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The internet is seen as a great resourceful system for information but its freedom can sometimes cause paralysis in the context of the diverse ways by which information is presented: deficiency in value.

It is a fact that information has always been in existence, but in different forms. The methodologies by which these forms get translated into the public domain must have been mastered through formal education. Ethically, it is believed that this is what good institutions do extremely well.

Inter High Schools (IHS) was established on the basis of the above concept: to report and represent in the best ethical ways that will promote willingness for education at the high school level.

IHS works with qualified teachers and education technologists to write, rewrite already written edu-content and presenting it in such ways that appeals to the persona of the high school age group.

This is our mission and we have never looked back.

Inter High Schools has collaborated with BitPresence Ltd to make this concept a reality for Senior High Schools. BitPresence is a UK/Ghana IT company that is currently operating in Ghana in mainly second cycle institutions. This company has developed educational web solutions for over seventy second cycle institution (Senior High Schools) in Ghana. Besides incorporating learning management systems (LMS) BitPresence has also developed a bespoke fit for purpose School Management System after researching into the challenges that face the Senior High School level of education. The findings of this research upshot the development of a wonderful School Management System (SchoolBits) which is currently being introduced to schools.

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